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As you can see, the English part of my website is still under construction.

I hope to find some time in the near future to make this page a little cooler!

But for now, hopefully, you can find the info you need and otherwise I really hope you'll use the contact form below to ask me anything! 


                     "ONE OF A KIND LOVESONGS" 


It's been only one year since I started this concept because I wanted to contribute something really unique, special and 'tailor-made' to a wedding ceremony. I've since then had the honor of writing songs for some pretty amazing couples so far and I can't wait to compose you, your 'one of a kind lovesong'. 


                       "ONE OF A KIND WEDDING"


More and more wedding couples want to be original and creative in the way they organise their big day. I'm a huge, huge fan of that! In my opinion, your day should reflect who you are as individuals and as a couple.


    "Be original, be creative and make it your own!"


Surprise your love

If you're looking for this extra special gift for you fiance, look no further. What is more special than a tailor-made serenade?! An amazing way to deliver your vows! A big romantic gesture that shows him/her what he/she means to you! <3 

Surprise your friends

Is someone in your family getting married? Is your best friend going to tie the knot? Then I'm sure you want to give them something really special. Something to remember all your big adventures together by, a gift that shows him/her how special she/he is to you! Let me help you make your gift the one they will never forget. 

The way it works

Let us call, skype, email of whatsapp to see if we hit it off. Once you've decided to trust me with this amazing project, we'll have a nice chat in which I'll try to gather as much info as possible on 'our subject'. Then it's my turn to work my ass off to find the right words to describe you or your loved ones and to find the right music notes. When the song is finished, I will make a professional recording of it which i will hand over to the newlyweds after my live performance during the wedding ceremony. 


The world is your altar!

I can imagine you still have many questions. Don't be afraid to get in touch, I'd love to tell you more. Send me a message below, and I promise to reply within 24 hours. Hope to hear from you!

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I love to travel and I love to spread the joy of tailor-made love songs as far and wide as possible. So don't hesitate if your wedding brings you and your guests to tropical locations! I go where you go! 



I write songs in Dutch and English. But, if desired, parts of- or the entire song can be translated in other languages. Don't hesitate to aks, I love a challenge! :-)